Focus on service delivery

We proud ourselves to focus on service delivery, we have a skill set of generalists and specialists.

Support 4 U Technologies is a support company. We offer everything from Cyber audits to fixing an excel issue remotely. We don’t see any job as being too big or small. We strive to conduct our business based on our high values and morals.

Our Mission: To grow strong and long relationships with customers and clients. To provide services that exceed expectations. To treat everyone with respect and integrity. To help people understand and appreciate the risk that Cyber crime offers, not just against the company’s data but also against the company’s reputation.

Vision: To become one of South Africa’s leaders in Support services. To assist people without trying to drain their bank accounts. People’s data should be safe and we would like to help achieve this. Our main aim is focusing on service delivery and keeping clients and customers well informed.

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